Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Uncanny Inhumans - Issue 2 - Marvel - Comic Book Review

The Uncanny Inhumans - #2 - Marvel
Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: McNiven, Leisten & Gho

The issue picks up with Johnny Storm and Medusa explaining to Black Bolt how they are now dating and that is cut short by the realization that Black Bolt has still not found his son, Ahura. Medusa calls a meeting to discuss the most recent discovery and Inhumans begin disappearing. Kang has begun an attack on their lineage without altering the major timelines of history and the Inhumans with Johnny Storm and Beast must discover a way to stop Kang before it’s too late.

The issue started off with a romantic triangle that made sense to discuss but I could’ve done without. If it eventually builds the story in later issues great but if not, they probably could’ve left it out. The clever nature of Kang’s attack on the Inhumans was fascinating. To control time and use that to your advantage makes Kang a terrifying villain when you really consider the endless possibilities. Plus the addition of Human Torch and Beast to the group was fun. 

This issue was entertaining. It started off slow but wasted no time getting on track and building suspense and anxiety. The fact Kang has Black Bolt and Medusa’s son manipulating the time line, killing off his own people and family without his knowledge was devious, evil and incredible. This took Kang the Conqueror to new levels of terrifying for me. The big reveal at the end of the issue also has me very curious to read the next issue.

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