Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Agent Carter" Ep 2 Recap

 Peggy, Jarvis and Sousa are still trying to solve the mystery of the mysterious black ooze but realize they might need Howard Starks help. When Thompson pays the west coast SSR division a surprise visit it’s clear that the investigation is only getting more challenging. The villains are becoming more visible as Peggy and team stop at nothing to solve this mystery, but a new dangerous mystery has begun that has lethal possibilities and few have survived that know about its existence. 

The second episode did not disappoint. There was a great little joke regarding comic book movies not being a realistic idea as Howard Stark is attempting to direct a comic book film. I enjoyed that brief moment of humor in an otherwise intense episode. The tension keeps building similar to how the structure of season 1 worked and that’s great news. It clears up a little bit that’s established and creates new difficulties or builds on moments that were mere mentions in the previous episode. 

It’s becoming clear how the hero’s and the villains will be working with and against each other in this season and it only took two episodes. It’s shows like this that prove writing done well can elevate the enjoyment factors immensely. The characters have their own personalities and they all seem to play off each other well. There were moments that felt a little forced when they were in the club but later the story led me to believe Peggy won’t be dealing with those individuals, another will. Thompson is dealing with them and it felt appropriate. Writing done well by placing characters in situations fitting for their personalities and ambitions is one positive attribute this show possesses. 

The filter that makes the show appear bleached or whitened out is somewhat peculiar. I understand that they’re using the filter to make the show appear retro and unique but I’m curious how much better the show would appear without it. Other than that, “Agent Carter” continues to delight and impress. I’m still very much enjoying this mini series on ABC. Overall, two thumbs up. Great fun.

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