Friday, January 1, 2016

Battle Hymn Vol 1 - Trade Paperback Review

Battle Hymn, Farewell to the First Golden Age (Vol1) 
Written By: B. Clay Moore
Art By: Jeremy Haun

The year is 1944 and the first gathering of hero’s commences to help stop the second World War. The Americans are beginning to wage a brand new form of specialized war fare in recruiting individuals with unique abilities. We meet a new crop of hero’s who all bring something particular to the group and each has a skill set the United States Government prizes… or so we think. 

There was so much that happened in this origin story. It’s a collection of the first five issues and what a fantastic read. Sure, some of the characters are similar to popular characters from other comic book stories or share similar powers. Once you are able to get past that and enjoy the personalities of these new characters the story develops into something new that feels fresh. 

The deviousness and cruelty personified by certain characters is matched by noble and upright characters who stand for certain values otherwise missing in this story. It’s a spy thriller meets action comic and it’s superb. I’m not surprised this hasn’t been turned into a movie yet; however, I am surprised I haven’t heard anyone considering this for the big screen. This story is primed for film. The relationships between characters, clashing personalities and goals, espionage and combat are all front and center. This first volume literally has it all. There’s even a robot that can ignite things and people on fire and a fish/man thing that is super strong and intelligent! 

I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this initially, to be honest. I picked it up because it looked like a familiar story with a unique twist and was it ever enjoyable. I finished volume one and was upset I didn’t pick up any additional volumes. If you’re looking for something familiar but different this is a fantastic collection to read. If they made this first volume as a Netflix film I’d be happy. It begins strong and ends with a twist and keeps you guessing throughout. Great read. So much fun. 

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