Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Canary - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review (DC)

Black Canary - #2 - DC
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Annie Wu & Lee Loughridge

Dinah and the girls of the band are in the desert learning hand to hand combat and how to shoot guns. A sudden gut instinct from Dinah and running into an old band member inspire the girls to head into town and do some shopping. While at the music store they’re attacked and the surprising reveal of the attackers identity tells Dinah the band is more danger than she thought. 

The fact this issue began with the girls learning how to defend themselves tells me more action is in store down the road. This issue wasn’t as action packed as I thought but it certainly is building to action, and doing so nicely. I’m enjoying the development of each character too. It’s fun reading how each personality is shaping this series into a fully developed tale of spy thriller meets indie rock band. 

I’m looking forward to future issues and seeing how Dinah will continue to mold and shape the band into a small rock and roll army to protect the mysterious girl, Ditto. Plus the exciting methods used to attack Dinah at the music store was fun to read. I’m looking forward to reading more about this new threats. Overall, still an entertaining read. 

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