Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Black Canary - Issue 3 - Comic Book Review (DC)

Black Canary - #3 - DC
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Annie Wu & Lee Loughridge

Dinah and the girls on the tour bus are heading to the next town for a concert but Dinah is on top of the bus fighting off an attack. After some time it’s revealed that the attacker from the music store, Dinah’s husband, is up to more than he appears. The band hits the stage and performs to the crowd but theres trouble brewing as the mysterious Ditto has vanished and none of the girls in the band know how. 

The art work in this issue was spectacular. The way Dinah’s stage presence was matched with her fighting style was so much fun to read. One panel she’s stage diving into the crowd and the next panel you see she’s actually jumping onto an attacker riding a motorcycle. This was a fun issue that starts off with great action and then builds the story for there. 

The big reveals regarding Dinah’s husband, Ditto and how Dinah got her powers were fascinating discoveries. This issue really did well on building out the complexities of the characters and the potential threat looming in the air. Plus the reveal on where Ditto went at the end of the issue adds tension to an already tense story. Overall, this continues to be an entertaining thrill ride. 

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