Thursday, January 7, 2016

Black Canary - Issue 4 - Comic Book Review (DC)

Black Canary - #4 - DC
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Pia Guerra & Lee Loughridge

This issue starts off with Ditto and Bo driving to a near by hotel to make some phone calls on payphones that are off the grid. Bo provides background information on her and Dinah’s past experiences in the music industry and how they met. Dinah discovers that Bo took Ditto and is in pursuit of both girls. After a phone call we see that Bo has other plans for Ditto and for herself as Amanda Waller makes a guest appearance only to be stopped by a mysterious ninja in white. Ditto escapes and reconnects with Dinah; however, the deal Bo made with Waller has come to fruition and things are more dangerous now than before. 

This issue was exposition city. We learn so much about the character of Bo Maeve and why she’s hell bent on being more than Dinah. We are treated to her experiences as an entertainer and lead singer and we see the depths of her passion for becoming greater and defeating Dinah. This was great for building on the tension between Dinah and Bo. It helped shape the reasons why, which also is vital for caring about the struggle between these characters.

I was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of Amanda Waller and also the mysterious ninja who wears white. The issue provided lots of data but the end is where the issue really picks back up and excites. The big reveal regarding Bo’s deal with Waller has some great potential for the rest of this series. Overall, lots of information but finishes strong.

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