Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Black Canary - Issue 5 - Comic Book Review (DC)

Black Canary - #5 - DC
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Guerra, Loughridge, Jarrell

The girls finished up a gig and are on the road heading to the next town for an autograph session at a local record store. The drive proves too much and they have to camp in the woods first to rest up before the final drive into town. While asleep in their tents the mysterious ninja in white attacks Dinah and steals a vial of her blood. While at the record store a group of bands attack the record store and challenge Dinah and the girls to a battle of the bands. While backstage getting ready for their time on stage it’s revealed that Bo is on stage with her new band. Curiously, Bo has developed some new moves and her voice is now something to reckon with.

This story was well paced for having multiple locations and times for a single issue. The brief exchange between Dinah and the ninja in white was entertaining as they fought through the forest. Dinah realizing that this ninja moves in a familiar way added new tension to the story. The struggles are building and it’s slowly becoming clear that factors are at play that will challenge Dinah greatly in the future. 

The reveal of Bo and her band at the end was a fun addition to this issue. We know that Bo has been altered because of the final pages of the previous issue but seeing her in action was a treat. Dinah is slowly becoming outnumbered and it won’t be long until she might need some help. Hopefully the girls in the band have been keeping up with their combat and gun skills. Overall, another enjoyable issue.  

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