Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Captain America: White - Issue 1 - Comic Book Review

Captain America: White - #1 - Marvel
Written By: Jeph Loeb
Art By: Tim Sale

Captain America wakes up among “earth’s mightiest heroes” only to discover that he is no longer frozen in the year 1945. After he realizes that he is a man out of time he retreats to a church to do some thinking and has a brief discussion with Nick Fury. He begins to confess his regret and how his actions led to Bucky’s demise, or so he feels. 

This is a thick issue filled with incredible monologue. It’s actually two issues combined into one. It starts with Issue 1 and then jumps back into Issue 0 before the final page. It’s definitely worth the price because you get a fair amount of material in two issues. Additionally, Jeph Loeb masterfully writes the thoughts of a man who discovers his friend is dead and he is displaced in time, unfamiliar with life as an average person understands it. 

The majority of the story revolves around Captain America recalling the events that led to him being frozen and Bucky’s death. It’s filled with deep, introspective considerations regarding Cap’s actions and decisions during the second world war. The art work detailing Cap and Bucky’s battles with Nazi’s and helping the Howling Commandos looks like an actual painting. It’s incredible. There’s a lot to process for the first issue of 5 but it reads well and I found myself almost flipping pages before I finished reading. I was that engrossed in the story and Captain America’s perspective on things.

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