Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Captain America: White - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review

Captain America: White - #2 - Marvel
Written By: Jeph Loeb
Art By: Tim Sale

After being shot out of the sky on a covert mission we find Captain America sinking to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, unconscious. Fury, the Howling Commando’s and Bucky are trying to find means to stay afloat when Bucky realizes that Cap is nowhere to be found. Frantically swimming to the depths of the ocean floor he manages to save Captain America but not his shield. Cap, Fury, Bucky and the Commando’s make it to land but trouble and danger still linger as they search for who or what shot their plane out of the sky. 

This issue really serviced the personalities of the characters well. We now get a firm sense of the individuals, their personalties and the connection they have to each other from war. There’s still Captain America monologuing his perspective on things that occurred during World War 2. We enjoy the look back on his days fighting Nazi’s as well this issue and dialogue between characters is more driving the story than his view of things. It’s nice to see the characters take shape this issue and read their individual voices.

There’s also a few surprises in this issue that I won’t mention. I will say that each of the moments caused a different reaction and feeling. This second issue is great and it built momentum quickly. I no longer have the impression this series will take time to create but we will enjoy the time it takes to develop the characters in the story. I’m enjoying this series a great deal. 

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