Thursday, January 21, 2016

Captain America: White - Issue 3 -Comic Book Review

Captain America: White - #3 - Marvel
Written By: Jeph Loeb
Art By: Tim Sale

Captain America, Nick Fury, Bucky and the Howling Commandos are in custody of the Nazi’s in France. After some difficulty Cap and team earn their freedom and begin a journey through a snowy France when they are met by a band of gypsies who are more than they appear to be. What awaits them all, however, is more deadly than any single one of them could believe. 

Clever dialogue that reads like film dialogue sounds. I can’t help but hear individual voices in my head reading this issue. It’s incredible. Each character has such a particular voice that it’s developed into more than just a story about Captain America. This is a story about them all and Captain America’s journey along with them. 

The action sequences continue to impress as each panel still continues to look painted. It’s clear what is taking place as well. The art work is crisp, clean and visually delightful. The characters are expressive, the landscape is detailed and colorful and the action is distinct and magnetic. This third issue has developed a world that is ripped from the World War 2 era with such perfection. There’s great enjoyment reading this series so far and I believe that it will continue. 

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