Friday, January 22, 2016

Captain America: White - Issue 4 - Comic Book Review

Captain America: White - #4 - Marvel
Written By: Jeph Loeb
Art By: Tim Sale

The Red Skull is giving a speech attempting to persuade listeners that he is the savior of France. While Captain America, Bucky, Fury, the Howling Commando’s and the new French Resistance team all sit by waiting for the moment to strike. After some time a mole inside the Nazi camp reports plans by Red Skull, Von Strucker and Hitler and a decision is made to stop the plans of Hitler. As it turns out, not everyone agreed to those plans and things don’t turn out as well as the heroes hoped. 

The Red Skull’s monologue was brief but it provided everything to show how twisted his sense of self is. He is a character who knows how to manipulate feelings and provide a sense of twisted logic that any good sociopath or politician would be envious of. 

The character development for the leader of the French resistance team is superb. She is a strong leader who prizes a French victory by France over anything else. She’s intelligent, stunning, calculated and lethal. Additionally, she seems to be Cap’s equal with regard to patriotism and removing the Nazi’s from power for the sake of her people. She doesn’t see the lines as clear as Cap though and that is felt in this issue when she and Cap exchange words and more.

The issue ends with a dynamic twist for all parties and again and I won’t mention what it is. However, it felt appropriate and left me excited to read the conclusion next issue.  

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