Sunday, January 24, 2016

Comic Book Review: Batman #48 - DC Comics (2016)

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

Mister Bloom has Jim Gordon in his clutches and is speaking to all of Gotham as he walks tall through the city.  Bruce Wayne meets someone who seems a bit too familiar.

The anticipation is revving up in Batman #48.  Mister Bloom doesn't just have Jim Gordon in his literal clutches but he seems to have much of Gotham City in his figurative clutches.  Bloom promises great power to lucky citizens of Gotham as he has seeds hidden throughout the city.  Bloom's speech throughout the comic was fantastically written.  Bloom makes comparisons to gardens and how appearances are not always what they seem.  It is incredible alliteration to a view of society today.

Bruce Wayne still isn't Batman.  This story should bring the Bat back as, according to what's being read all over the internet, Scott Snyder is leaving the title.  It had already been reported that Greg Capullo would be leaving Batman in the very near future as well.  The Mister Bloom story line is a pretty cool way to go out.  He's an interesting villain as he feels that what he is doing is not only right, but necessary.  I am hoping to find out who may be the new team working on Batman once these superstars leave the title.

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