Friday, January 1, 2016

Comic Book Review: The Goddamned #2 - Image Comics (2015)

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by r.m. Guera

Noah continues his quest across land with the animals he has collected in preparation for the flood.  Cain finds an unlikely ally as he looks for something that can possibly kill him.

I loved the first issue of The Goddamned and issue two continues the awesomeness.  Cain is continuing his travels across what looks like a barren wasteland.  He meets a woman who has lost her son to Noah's group and he is reluctant to assist.

The action is absolutely brutal.  If you like comics that are overtly violent, than pick up the first two issues of The Goddamned.  Jason Aaron is authoring a bloody tale that doesn't show any signs of letting up on the ferocious barbarity.

What are your thoughts on The Goddmaned review?  What other comic book titles would you like to see reviewed by the staff at Maskerpiece Theatre?  Leave your comments below.

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