Sunday, January 31, 2016

Comic Book Review: itty-bitty Hellboy #1 - Dark Horse Comics (2015)

"The Search for the Were-Jaguar"

Written by Art Baltazar & Franco
Art by Art Baltazar

Itty-bitty Hellboy is on a mission to deliver much needed supplies to the island of the Rogers.  There are others on the way as well that itty-bitty Hellboy may not know about.

This is the post where we take a look at a kids comic book.  I received this book from subscription box, "Comic Boxer Kids" as I also do reviews for HelloSubscription.  I have always been fond of the cover art on the "itty-bitty" series but never felt compelled enough to pick it up.

This is definitely a book meant for children.  If you have kids, great!  Pick up this title as it is fun and the panels are simple to follow.  The book is comprised of multiple mini stories but they do fit together.  It's a nice way of keeping the book fresh for someone who may not have a great attention span.

The art is meant to look simple but the characters were very distinguishable.  Art Baltazar does a nice job with how everyone looks interacting with each other.

Like I typed earlier, this is a book that is meant for a much younger audience.  It's not Young Hellboy getting into the same misadventures you may be used to seeing and/ reading.  This is a much more juvenile look and feel to Red.

What are your thoughts on itty-bitty Hellboy?  What other comic books would you like to see reviewed by Maskerpiece Theatre?  Please let us know in the comment section below.

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