Thursday, January 7, 2016

Comic Book Review: Justice League #46 - DC Comics (2015)

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

The Darkseid War rages on.  Darkseid is dead and now everyone is after the Anti-Monitor, but only after they're done with each other.  Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have enlisted the help of Mister Miracle and he has the help of his new bride, Big Barda.  With nobody knowing how to defeat their largest nemesis todate, our heroes need to turn to a group that had their planet destroyed by the Anti-Monitor.  Other members of the Justice League now have god-like powers and that has corrupted many of their minds.
Batman: God of Knowldge
Superman: God of Strength
The Flash: God of Death
Shazam: God of Gods
Green Lantern: God of Light
Lex Luthor: God of Apokolips

If you have not been keeping up with this story, things may be a bit confusing for those jumping in.  There are a lot of moving pieces to this war.  As one can imagine, this is a team book with a lot of personalities and many things going on.  As you see above, many of the heroes have been corrupted with unfathomable power so the heroes on Earth no need to turn to a very unlikely source.  Fans of the Forever Evil story line should be excited.

I've enjoyed Justice League from the start.  This series is not following the stories of the individual books as Bruce Wayne is Batman, Superman still has powers and there's a giant war happening.  It would be difficult to weave this level of war into the individual hero books without confusing the readers.  I used to be against this but, as long as I know it's a different place in the multi-verse, I'm okay with it.  Besides, how is Batman really supposed to be in all of these different books?

What are your thoughts on the Justice League?  Are you enjoying the Darkseid War?  What other comic books would you like the Maskerpiece Theatre staff to review?  Leave your comments below.

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