Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Comic Book Review: This Damned Band #6 - (2016)

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Tony Parker
Colors by Lovern Kindzierski

The sixth and final issue of This Damned Band has the band playing a stadium show that looks to be their last.  The deal with the devil has been made but is there a way out for Mother Father?

This Damned Band was one of my most anticipated series of the year.  At Phoenix ComiCon 2015, I made it a priority to attend the Dark Horse panel.  The panel featured many known names in the comic book industry including Rafael Albuquerque, Alex de Campi along with the creators of This Damned Band; Paul Cornell and Tony Parker.

This Damned Band came from the mind of Paul Cornell and he was paired with the incredibly talented artist Tony Parker to tell this tale of sex, drugs, rock n roll and devil worship.  Hearing the passion and excitement in their voices as they talked about this comic book series made me want to read it right then and there.  But alas, it was not being released that day.

I was in my local comic shop the day before This Damned Band was released and was able to add it to my pull list.  I enjoyed every page.  The art is fantastic, the story is great and reading this book as a documentary being filmed in the 1970s was such a fun ride.

The final issue was absolutely incredible.  Paul Cornell concludes this story in a way that makes sense with the characters.  I say this, but it is not in a way that comes off as predictable.  I'm looking forward to getting all six issues and reading them all in one sitting in succession.

Tony Parker and Lover Kindzierski continue to wow the audience with eye popping visuals.  This Damned Band, as a series, has multiple artistic styles within each book.  Issue number six was great as our locations are on stage at the stadium and also a trip to Hell.  Hell had a fun yet eerie look.  I love the use of the different art styles to show what is going on within different realms.

This Damned Band is a true testament to what each of the people that worked on the book is capable of within their respective craft.

 Paul Cornell is an amazing writer.  From television to comic books, you know you will be reading or watching true quality.  If you see Cornell's name on the cover of a comic book, it's more than likely worth picking up.

Tony Parker is an artist that shows he is remarkably capable of many art styles.  He also shows such great detail panel after panel yet is capable of keeping the focus on the characters and their facial expressions.

Lovern Kindzierski puts together colors in a way that vibrant yet, when the mood calls, can feel dark.  It's a mix that can prove difficult but Kindzierski makes it look so effortless page after page.

This Damned Band is $3,99 per issue which I feel is a fair price.  I would recommend purchasing this series at your local comic book shop.  Waiting for the trade paperback isn't fair to yourself.  Plus, buying comic books is the best way to show support for artists and writers.  Comic book sales are one of, if not, the first metric a publisher will look at when looking to continue working with artists and writers.

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