Saturday, January 16, 2016

Independent Web Comic Series Review: Who Is the Girl

Who is the girl - Webcomic
Creator: Cary Polkovitz

The recent entry is a single page in black and white. We meet two characters who have some degree of familiarity with each other. There is a decision that needs to be made and the characters involved disagree on what the decision should be.

The art work for this single page issue creates a darker tone for this world. The shading adds depth to each panel, helping develop this into a more three dimensional visual story. There's one panel where the artist focuses on the action of kicking a can and blurring the can itself which I found a bit confusing. The blurred can actually pulled me out of the story and I took a second look to make sure it was in fact blurry. I'm still not certain how that helped the story and considering it pulled me out of the moment, it might be avoided in the next comic. If there were more panels with blurred items I probably wouldn't have noticed. Perhaps slightly more consistency could be explored to prevent reader confusion.

The two characters are nameless but it's understood they have a pre-established relationship. I was not sure why they cared for each other either since this comic entry provided zero back story. It did have an endearing moment at the end where the truth of knowing someone is written quite nicely. I don't know anything about these characters but seeing that relationship in the last panel did make me chuckle.

Overall, it didn't take long to read and the single moment of confusion could easily be avoided in future comics. Cary seems to have an idea on where he wants this series to go and I hope the characters are explained more, either by action or description, in future entries. I'd like to care about the characters but I need to understand their motives, their personalities and the consequences of their decisions more.

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  1. Hi there! Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my webcomic! I really do appreciate it. However, if you could go back to the beginning of the comic and read it from episode one ( I would very much appreciate it and would love to hear your opinion of this tenth installment after that! Also, just for the record, I'm a he not a she. Best wishes, Cary