Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Invincible Iron Man - Issue 3 - Comic Book Review

Invincible Iron Man - #3 - Marvel
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Iron Man and Madam Masque are battling each other with science and magic. Iron Man’s suit goes into new emergency protocols that change the structure of the fight until Madam Masque disappears. Tony seeks out Doctor Strange for guidance on the magic powers possessed by Doom, Madam Masque and the newly discovered “Wand of Watoomb” from another dimension. The good Doctor locates Madam Masque and Tony is off to stop her, but things don’t turn out how everyone’s favorite Futurist planned…

The action sequence to start this issue was fun. I enjoyed seeing how the new armor Tony built works and functions. Similar to the “Iron Man 3” film we see that Tony can control the suit without being in the armor. The real trick is seeing how it falls apart and comes together. That was pretty spectacular. I am also enjoying the fact the armor changes look and design on a thought or reading of what is necessary for any scenario. This Iron Man suit is pretty incredible. 

The story continued to build on the mystical forces at place. It was great reading a page or two of Tony and Strange discussing recent events and their potential impact on the grander scale of existence. Tony is really starting to embrace his superior intelligence and we keep seeing that he’s not at his full intellectual potential as he is constantly one, if not two, steps behind Madam Masque. 

Overall, another solid issue. The brief section with Doctor Strange was enjoyable and the final pages of this issue increased my interest in this story and the characters. 

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