Monday, January 11, 2016

New Romancer - Issue 1 - Comic book Review

New Romancer - #1 - Vertigo 
Written By: Peter Milligan
Art By: Brett Parson

Alexia Ryan is a young computer genius who is currently working on the romance algorithm for the dating website “New Romancer” and things are more complicated than she realizes.  Recently released from the company, Incubator, that was looking to create an A.I. program that allowed the online fictional persona’s to think, feel and talk Alexia was diligently writing code when something strange occurred. Something that has lethal consequences if not stopped, but first discovered. 

The first issue is precisely what I anticipated for a new story, first issue. There is plenty of back story, character building and world building as we get to know the main characters and the overall plot/theme of this story and issue. Fortunately, it’s all written well and it’s entertaining. Each character feels unique and I got a sense that the writer has fully developed, multi layered, characters in mind that we’ll get to discover as the series continues.  I never had the impression Peter Milligan is still trying to figure out who the characters are, instead, it was a delight experiencing characters who are already developed and will grow as time goes on. 

The art for this issue was also enjoyable. The world building that is occurring in this issue is challenging and Brett Parson did an incredible job visually creating this story. The look back into the past, the day dreams, the current realities and the sinister are all treats for your eyes. By the time the issue concludes it’s apparent that each time line, location and setting have unique colors, design and feel. 

Overall, great job creating the characters, the story and the settings for this issue. It ends with a twist that has me looking forward to issue 2. Job well done on creating a brand new thing and leaving me excited for more!

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