Sunday, January 17, 2016

Telos - Issue 4 - Comic Book Review

Telos - #4 - DC
Written By: Jeff King
Art By: Pagulayan, Vitorino, Paz, Deering, Marzan Jr and Steigerwald

Telos, Brainiac and Computo are in discussion before all the drones are set to attack and destroy Telos. Techne and the rest of the group are still trying to destroy the back up Satellite while fighting wave after wave of robot monsters. The battle continues and it’s unclear which side Brainiac is on but it’s clear that Telos and Computo will not rest until the other is dead. 

This issue was action city. It starts with a warning and then the next page everyone and everything is trying to kill someone or something and everything is exploding. I loved it. There are nonstop visual treats throughout this issue because the artists paid attention to the scene not just action. This issue read like a film would play and that was such a great experience. 

Telos keeps getting better and better and it started off great. So there’s no disappointment yet I have experienced. It’s starting to feel like Jeff King is writing this as the epic story of one mans journey to find the thing that his heart yearns for. “Homers, The Odyssey” is even quoted at the end leading me to believe this series will grow into something grandiose.

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