Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Shadow - Issue 5 - Comic Book Review

The Shadow - #5 - Dynamite
Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Giovanni Timpano & Marco Lesko

The Shadow and Sandman are tied to chairs awaiting death by a group who shares contempt for the Society of United Magicians and their plans with Houdini’s “Last Illusion”. The situation is dire for Shadow and Sandman when a surprise visit aids in their escape. The two race off to stop this new menace and Sandman turns out to be more powerful than he’s been letting on. 

This issue finally explains why Houdini’s “Last Illusion” is terrible enough for the Shadow to be involved. It also explains why everyone in the mystic arts seems hellbent on discovering it or stopping the groups who seek to harness it’s potential power. Really enjoyed the fight towards the end of this issue where we see more about this mysterious terror group and the folks involved. 

The art in this issue was enjoyable as it has been all series long. However, the usage of the Shadow’s cape while in combat was fun to see. It was a creative use of the cape that I did not expect and was pleasantly surprised by. The villains in this issue were by far my favorite though. The battle that occurs at the end and seeing all the henchman (henchthings?) fighting the Shadow and Sandman was great visual candy. 

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