Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Sports Opinion: The Real Issue With The Phoenix Suns

Are you a fan of Phoenix Suns? If so than you know there is an issue with the 2015 version of the Suns. On the surface many point the finger at the coach Jeff Hornacek, saying he has lost the team. However there is a deeper issue plaguing this team, and it all starts with the owner Robert Sarver, an impatient owner who not only makes horrible decisions but also is only worried about the bottom line, how much money he is making.

Sarver hasn’t been the owner Phoenix deserves, his tinkering and interfering has left the team an undesirable location for Free Agents. Since taking over as owner of the Suns in 2004 the team has had 5 different GM’s and 4 different Head Coaches while more establish and Championship caliber teams such as the Miami Heat, Boston Celtic, Dallas Mavericks, and the San Antonio Spurs have all had 1 GM and no more than 2 coaches each in that same period. So one can say the inability to find a GM and head coach has caused many of the problems with the current suns, but even than that would be an easy out for this team.
                                                                                                                                                                          This brings us to our current situation and what is wrong with the 2015 Suns, to make this clear the current issues with the Suns is not the fault of the head coach, rather an issue with the leadership of this team.
The Suns were doomed before the season even began, they had two problem children so to speak in the pair of Marcus and Markieff Morris. As soon as they shipped Marcus out of Phoenix, this only left Markieff and he hated the Suns for what he called a betrayal. What did the team decide to do?  Well they decided to keep Morris and he decided to act like a child…….what a surprise.

So what is the solution to the problem? I’ll give you my best Idea, after all I only watch the Suns on TV, pretty much makes me the best guy for the job right? The team needs to understand this season is over, own it and move on. Don’t give up on Hornacek, after all look at what he can accomplish if he had a solid team without any distractions of malcontents. Don’t fire Ryan McDonough, he knows how to draft and this team will become great if you keep him around. Now comes the difficult part, they need to trade Morris and Archie Goodwin, they are best friends after all and there is no reason to keep any further distraction. After both of those players have been traded focus on moving Eric Bledsoe, yes he might be the best player on the team but he isn’t the best point guard on the team…..thats a problem. You have a wonderful young nucleus with Devon Booker, Brandon Knight, Alex Len, and TJ Warren, build around that and maybe we can finally have the Phoenix Suns team we deserve. 

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