Friday, March 4, 2016

Binge Watcher Review: Fuller House Season 1

Binge Watcher Review: Fuller House Season 1

Starring: Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Michael Campion, Elias Harger, Soni Bringas, John Brotherton, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Scott Weinger and Dashiell and Fox Messitt

Synopsis: DJ Tanner is a widow with her two boys and a newborn boy. Her sister Stephanie offers to move in and help her raise her sons. Kimmy, her best friend, moves in also with her teenage daughter Romona. The house is now a lot fuller.

The Good: For all of us 90’s lovin’ peeps, this show sure is a blast from the past. The first episode kicks off and makes the flow of the show very obvious, though at some points it does feel like they are making fun of themselves just a little to much. The season itself is very easy to get through with the help of each episodes only being 30 minutes long, which makes it feel like it goes by way faster than you would expect. The show clearly targets the specific demographic that watched the original show, Full House, way back when. Thankfully there are some more adult themes throughout the season as the focus is more on DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy and not on the kids this go around. Basically, you will be all smiles for the cameos from some of the original characters, some of whom you never would have expected, an example being husband Harry. (I loved that episode, Stephanie and Harry getting married was totes adorbs)  Also for all the men that may end up watching this, Stephanie’s knockers are hard to miss in this show… she is not a little girl any more.

The Bad: Sadly, once you get past all of the nostalgic excitement, the show it self feels like it is lacking a little bit. The episodes flow well, but overall feel like they are missing those life lessons you seem to get from the original show Full House. Some of those family values do still come through though and the antics that are pulled during a few episodes help with making the show enjoyable to watch. For the most part though, once you satisfy your 90’s craving after a couple of episodes you probably wont need to watch the whole season, even though the last episode was the best episode of the season.

Final Thoughts: I honestly believe it will be a select audience that genuinely enjoys this show as a whole, and most of that audience will probably be women. The show has its cute moments, but overall really feels like it's targeting middle-aged women with kids.  Everything is pretty relatable to Full House, Dj is clearly Danny, Stephanie is clearly Uncle Jesse and Kimmy is Joey, the backwards part is Kimmy is the one with a guy chasing her rather than Stephanie.  13 Episodes was perfect for this show on Netflix though, just enough to give you what you wanted and not drag the season out longer than necessary. The show won me over enough that I am looking forward to see what season 2 brings now that it has been announced, specially with everyone reforming a better chemistry as the show went on.

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