Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Comic Book Review: Deadpool & the Merc$ for Money #1 - + Bonus Book Spidey #1 - Marvel Comics (2016)

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Salva Espin

Deadpool now has a team of men working with him in his mercenary ways.  The latest job did not go as planned and now Deadpool and the Merc$ for Money need to figure out their next move.

This is a fun book with Deadpool leading some of the lesser known characters in the Marvel Universe.  Stingray, Terror, Slapstick, Solo, Masacre and Greg Sallinger - The Fool Killer comprise this team of Marvel's D-List.  The humor is there as you would expect in any Deadpool comic.  Slapstick, the living cartoon, actually gets to take many of the funny lines that you might think would be reserved for Deadpool.  My favorite was when The Foolkiller refers to Slapstick as a cartoon and the reply was, "I prefer Animated American."

Salva Espin does a fine job with the artwork in this comic book.  The task of drawing all of these character, plus some of the wacky bad guys they run into must have been a blast.  This is an entertaining book for all of you Deadpool fans out there.

I received this book in the Comic Block Subscription box and you can read that review here.

This comic book was thicker than I expected and the reason was actually on the cover of the book I received.  It came with a bonus book:

Spidey #1
Written by Robbie Thompson
Art by Nick Bradshaw

Peter Parker fights crime as Spider-Man but that can get tough when you are also going to high school.  Things go awry on a field trip and it's up to Spidey to save the day.

I was a bit skeptical when this book came out.  I figured it was another re-telling of Spider-Man from high school aged Peter Parker.  It is, and you know what?  That isn't the worst thing in the world as this book was a lot of fun.  Plenty of inner monologue from Spidey which makes stopping bank robberies and the destruction of an Oscorp lab much more entertaining.  It's also a book more suitable for all ages(even you grown ups should like it).  The story is told and you're given just enough at the end to make you ready for issue two.

The art looks good in this book and, panel to panel, flows quite nicely.  I like the look of Spidey, his villains and his classmates.  The only thing I really noticed that seemed a bit off is the webbing on the mask.  It apparently does not have a webbed look for the back of his head.

Spidey #1 would make an excellent book to read with the family.  It has action and will keep you entertained but it's also friendly enough to enjoy with a younger audience.

What are your thoughts on Deadpool & the Merc$ for Money and Spidey?  What other comic books would you like Maskerpiece Theatre to review?  Please leave your comments below.

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