Sunday, March 13, 2016

Comic Book Review: Spider-Man #1 - Marvel Comics (2016)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Sara Pichelli
Color by Justin Ponsor

Miles Morales is having a tough time at school and home it's because the guy is Spider-Man.  There are plenty of bad guys to deal with, but in this first issue, Spider-Man, and the rest of the Marvel Universe more than have their hands full.  I included the picture of the Skottie Young cover as the is the issue I received.

This book was a pleasant surprise for me.  I really enjoy Miles Morales as Spider-Man as he has much of the same youthful charm as a young Peter Parker.  The great thing is, we don't need to re-hash old stories as Miles is still young and Peter's story has been told and told and told again inside the comic pages.  Don't fret though true-believers, Peter is still involved in the Spider-Man world.

Brian Michael Bendis is the go-to guy for Marvel if you need a successful well written story.  It's pretty hard not to enjoy his work.  Bendis has been with Marvel a long time and created Miles Morales.

Sara Pichelli's art looks great and panel to panel the flow was wonderful.  She captures facial expressions incredibly well and is excellent with the action shots.  There is plenty of everything you could want from a Spider-Man book in this issue.

With all that said, I felt like Justin Ponsor was an absolute superstar in this book.  Colorists do not, for the most part, get enough credit for what they do in a comic book.  Every page looked amazing, or maybe the word is spectacular(either way, a description fitting for ol' Web-Head).  The colors make this book such a pleasure to look at.

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