Thursday, March 10, 2016

Comic Book Review: Those Shadow People #1 - NMTD

Written by Phil Buck
Art by Erik Turner

On Sarah Saber's 28th birthday, she finds out more about her father's studies in Dark Matter than she ever thought existed.

This is an interesting read.  Phil Buck seems to have a direction for where he is taking this book.  I feel like he did a good job introducing the audience to Sarah and showing what is possible with her father's experiments.  The ending of issue one definitely leaves the reader wondering where the story will go next.

I like Erik Turner's art in this book.  It has a gritty feel and works well with Buck's story.  The story and art flow very well.

I received this book from the Indy Stash subscription box.  You can read my review of the box itself here.

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  2. Thank you for your review of Those Shadow People #1! I am pleased to say that we have since released 3 more issues. You can read them at as a webcomic and hard copies are available at If you didn't know, we also make music as part of our story telling experience, which is all online for free streaming at