Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barbershop: The Next Cut - Box Office Review

The third film in the franchise returns to the question which asks us to evaluate how important is a neighborhood hangout for the community. Can a group of people committed to an idea really make a difference for the people they care most about? The dialogue between characters is honest and the movie doesn't ask much from its audience. So let's dive in a take a look at "Barbershop: The Next Cut" in this box office review...

First, the characters continue to entertain us as we join the journey they take in the neighborhood and the barbershop. Each character is fairly one dimensional which would normally be a negative. However, in this story the one dimensional aspect actually works in favor of the story because it felt like each one had a specific role to play in the overall film.

The movie is straight forward and very paint by numbers. You don't have to think much about the story because it's predictable. That being said, the dialogue between characters will make you think. The conversations between the different individuals is thought provoking. It's simple language but honest in how real people feel in real situations which again works well for this movie.

I'm not entirely certain this film is a theater must see but if you do decide to see this on the big screen you'd probably enjoy it just as much at matinee prices. It's a touching film that exposes some heartfelt moments and explores the relationships between family, friends and even enemies. It even shows what can be achieved when you have the strength of spirit and heart to boldly take a chance and trust that your passion is shared by those around you.

At times this movie felt like it was almost "made for tv" but that didn't take away from the charm it had. The real strength this film carried was the believability of the situations the characters were going through and the reactions they gave us as they each tried to figure out the next step for their life. Plus, the amount of comedic moments in the film really help lighten up the mood and keep the story moving forward. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually laughed out loud during this film.

"Barbershop: The Next Cut" is in theaters now! If you see it on the big screen or wait for a home viewing you won't be disappointed knowing this is a charming, simple film that looks at life in plain terms. There's good decisions and bad decisions that we all can make but it's what decision we make that could help or hinder our community. If you want a film that will allow you to turn your brain off and escape into a new reality this isn't that style of movie. This challenges you to think about life from different points of view and then decide what would be best for you, your friends, family and community.

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