Sunday, April 17, 2016

Comic Book Review: Red Lance #1

Written by Gary Bloom
Art by Brian McCranie

A group of super-powered individuals are looking to stop menacing robots who are controlled by someone known as Cataclysm.  Cataclysm and his robotic army of n'er do wells are spreading an airborne plague to "cleanse the city."

The first issue was a strange one to follow as there is a ton of action taking place and there are flashbacks to give you some insight as to why all this fighting is taking place.  As far as first issues go, it has my attention more from a story standpoint than the characters(other than the main villain).  I found myself going for the villain just so I could see where this story was going next.

There is a brief introduction to the heroes of Red Lance and there was short dialogue going on during the fight scenes to give you a bit of insight as to what motivates them and where they stand morally.  I hope the next couple issues have a bit more dialogue and we can find out where these characters are coming from mentally.

With all that said, thankfully this wasn't an origin story for a super-group.  I love a comic book that just goes right into it and doesn't assume the audience is stupid and can recognize a superhero story when they see one.  Hopefully, upcoming movies will take this to heart.

I liked the art in this book.  I like that facial expressions were more of a focus rather than having flashy pages.  The puppet-master like pages were absolutely wonderful.

This book is crowd-sourced and I'm glad the creators found some backers to put their work out for a larger audience.

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