Monday, April 18, 2016

Comic Book Review: Red Lance #2

"Behind the Curtain"

Written by Gary Bloom
Art by Brian McCranie

It is now known that former employee of MedryTech, Dr. Ky Perrels, is the villain Cataclysm.  Head of MedryTech, Rupinella Daniels, is looking to keep things she needs covered exactly that.  The super-group known as Red Lance is out stopping crime and have some of their own processes when dealing with Cataclysm's former lab.

This issue confused me a bit.  I still am not real sure if I am going for Red Lance or not.  It really feels like Red Lance is a background item while the villains(or theperceived notion of villains) are at the forefront.  After the first issue I thought questions would be answered but I just ended up with more.  With that said, comic book series are more of a long haul story investment.  Most of the comic book reviews I do are on an issue by issue basis.

The art works for the story being told.  This time around, the action poses looked much better than the facial expressions.

There are at least three issues of Red Lance and I look forward to reading what happens next.

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