Friday, April 1, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Review: Season 1 Episode 9 "Left Behind"

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9
“Left Behind”

Ray, Sara, and Kendra are shocked after they watch the Waverider fly off without them, leaving them stranded in the ‘5os. After waiting months for their teammates to come back, the three realize they must move on with their lives. Ray and Kendra bond as a couple but Sara decides to return to the league of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul.

With half the team on the Waverider battling Chronos, the rest of the team is stuck in the 50’s. By the time they are able to get back to the team its been two years, Sara has left, Ray and Kendra are now a couple living together and Chronos has taken Snart captive. We learn that Chronos is Mic, and he is out for revenge threatening Snart with killing his sister over and over again.

While away Sara joins back up with the League of Assassins and her old mentor Ra’s al Ghul. The teams only option is to go rescue her, things get out of control when Sara and League takes captive her friends. In order to set them free, Rip Challenges Ra’s to a dual, it ends up being Kendra Vs Sara. Fortunately for the team, Sara is unable to kill Kendra. Things get worse, when mic shows up and start to attack both the league and his former team. 

The team decides to keep Rory, and instead of kill him try to erase the damage the time masters did. 

Final Thoughts:
There were many fun and interesting things about this episode, we saw the return of Ra’s al Ghul and the league of Assassin. We also met Talia, which means she is part of this earth.

I loved the fact they brought back Heatwave, and turned him into Chronos. Nice twist to the show.

In the end this was a very solid episode, it was a much improvement over Arrow. I am looking forward to the last few episode and hopefully we get a crossover with the Flash soon. Let us know what your thoughts of the episode are, leave your comments below.

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