Thursday, April 21, 2016

NXT April 20, 2016

NXT April 20, 2016

The show kicks off with a tag match, first out is Enzo and Big Cass up against the NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha. The NXT crowd is chanting This is Awesome before the bell even rings. Out the of the gate, the American Alpha’s show they are the more dominate team when it comes to armature wrestling and the do not hesitate for a minute to prove it against Enzo. The dynamic changes though when Enzo is able to tag in Big Cass. Cass is able to use his size to turn things around, he uses his size to over power the American Alpha’s. It is short lived though as the NXT Tag Champs are able to pull off the win.

Apollo Crews takes a short moment to welcome Samoa Joe to the Age of Apollo before the next match, its quick and to the point.

The next match is between Alexander Wolfe and No Way Jose. These two opponents couldn’t seem any different. No Way Jose seems to work his dancing into his wrestling though and it is good enough to through Alexander Wolfe off of his game in the beginning. Wolfe is able to get the upper hand for a moment, but it is short lived as No Way Jose pulls off the win with his fastball punch to Wolfe’s face.

Austin Aries expresses his thoughts  on “luck” and his win over Baron Corbin, Aries also states that he came here to prove just how good he is.

Next Regal has an opportunity for guitar player Elias Samson and next week he will face Shinsuke Nakamura.

The women’s match for the night is Nia Jax up against Deonna Purrazzo. This match looks like it going almost be unfair. Nia Jax is clearly much larger than Deonna Purrazzo. Jax is easly able to throw Deonna all over the ring. In a dominant display Nia Jax pulls off the victory with a leg drop.

The main event for the night is ready to kick off, Apallo Crews heads to the ring first followed by Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe looks angry like always. The two lock up and both try to get the upper hand from a show of strength, Apollo is able to get control for a little bit and evade any kind of attack from Joe. It is short lived though as Joe lands a chop and several punches to take control of the match. While Crews gets some shots in a good portion of this match is Joe taking his frustrations out on Crews, possibly frustrations from losing at NXT Dallas.  While Crews gets some more offense in Samoa Joe wraps Crews up in Coquina Clutch to get the win by submission.

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