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Spiderman Joins the MCU: Villains included

It's no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing us to the all new, all different "Spiderman" that Sony Pictures has agreed to share. Rumors indicate this partnership is worked so that other Marvel owned characters can also appear in the Sony "Spiderman" film that is directly connected to the existing universe we are quite fond of. So with that in mind, the possibilities are endless. We could speculate and debate for days which heroes and villains could and should share screen time with our favorite neighborhood wall crawler. I won't in this blog entry but feel free to comment below and start a conversation in the section for comments. Instead, let's look at this new version of Spidey and consider what we know and how that could determine who our hero might square off against.

We know that Spiderman is High School age in this cinematic universe. We are also under the impression that his heroics haven't been all too public and only a select few know of his existence and his shenanigans. So presuming he's new to the scene and not the masked hero that is hated by the Daily Bugle, let's look at 10 villains I'd personally like seeing on the big screen. In no particular order...

1: Mysterio:

First appearing in 1964, Mysterio has been one of our hero's main villains. I particularly enjoy the idea of an illusionist/hypnotist carrying some degree of trouble for Spidey. Plus, we can already hear the quips about the fact he wears a fishbowl as a mask.

2: Shocker & Scorpion

I enjoy the idea of these two fighting along side each other to stop Spiderman more than either one of them separately fighting the wall crawler. Also, having two members of the infamous "Sinister 6" would be nice foreshadowing on possible story lines to come. In my head I imagine Spiderman stopping these two from robbing a bank during a flashback while Peter Parker is attempting to explain to his teacher why he's late to class. I don't know, the idea tickles me and I'd love to see them on screen together. 

3: Morbius

We've discussed before on the podcast how Morbius would be a great addition. Now, adding a vampire to the MCU could be a bit dark for Marvel presently, but, it could also add depth to the overall universe. We're already getting ready for the freak fest, brain twisting, alternate dimensions/realities of Doctor Strange. Why not a vampire? It's crazy. It's maniacal. It's madness. It could be awesome. 

4: Jack O' Lantern

We're already set to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe be torn in two parts with Civil War. Who's to say that someone working with the government won't be shamed and kicked out? Sure, this villain was ex-CIA but we can change that for film to make it work into the overall story these films share.  Plus, seeing an ex military elite flying around with his head on fire lobbing bombs at people would look pretty dope in IMAX. 

5: Hobgoblin

Now, before the continuity fans freak out and scream and holler about how the Hobgoblin follows the Green Goblin please realize I don't care. We've seen the Green Goblin already on screen and I'd prefer the Hobgoblin. We could tie in a possible Kingpin storyline to this and really make things interesting. I'm all for expanding the existing universe and the number of characters who have played this villain in the comics could do just that.

6: Black Cat

Here's an opportunity for a redemption story. We start with Black Cat as the villain and then she turns to help our web slinging hero by the end of the film. Is it cliche'? Is it predictable? Sure, but it could add an interesting love triangle to this franchise. I see this as an opportunity to also ground the film a bit more in realism if they chose to go that route. Bank robbers are easier to film than, say, villains who shoot electricity and whose heads are on fire.

7: Hammerhead

If there's no plans to currently utilize the Maggia in a Netflix series this villain could add a nice grounded feel to the franchise. We see Spiderman fighting organized crime and this would open up the door for other villains who operated for this crime boss. Maybe he's not the main antagonist but he could certainly work behind the scenes, pulling strings. He's not a flashy villain but he's dangerous and with the Kingpin working so well on Netflix why not use this mob boss as a cinematic king pin'esque character. 

8: The Chameleon

One of Spiderman's oldest rogue villains we could enjoy the Chameleon causing spider to really use his brain and spider senses to figure out this baddie. Plus, with everyone wanting a Kraven storyline having this character appear first could help establish the fact Spiderman is a worthy adversary for the great hunter down the road. Also, having a character like this helps keep the audience guessing on who is and is not the bad guy. I like the idea of a mystery style spiderman movie. I don't think it's been done yet, so why not now?

9: The Jackal

The Jackal works better for me than The Lizard and that's because we've already seen the Lizard on screen. Plus, the fact this character starts off as a professor helps build on the intelligence side of Peter Parker. Similar to the Lizard storyline we could instead utilize the Jackal and get something we haven't yet seen. Something fresh for the big screen and this could even help open up the death of Gwen Stacy storyline. 

10: Morlun

A dimension traveling slayer of spidermen (yes plural). A newer villain in the sense he was created in 2001 he could still help establish the importance of Spiderman to Peter Parker. Peter Parker is informed that the spider bite was no accident and he was destined to be Spiderman and that is why he is being hunted by this villain. This could build on a few different levels of story telling and it could solidify early on in this franchise that Peter Parker is Spiderman for a reason and we don't need the cliche' hero trying to figure himself out. 1 movie, it's explained and we get to see a dimension/reality traveling assassin trying to kill the hero. Awesome. 

Comment below and share your take on these villain choices. Who would you like to see Spiderman battle on the big screen? Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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