Monday, April 4, 2016

Wrestlemania Review


My favorite day of the year is the day of Wrestlemania, the spectacle, the size, the passion. It’s all there. The anticipation for this show every year is off the charts. Out side of the Olympics, what event is this widely anticipated and attended  by people from around the world? This show is a Global event.

Kicking the show off, the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship Title.  This crowd was in it right away. Entrances got such good pops.  My favorite entrance was Stardust, those polka dots man and then with Hard Times on his back, it brought a tear to my eyes. The polka dot ladder that came in later in the match made me smile too. I loved it, nothing but love and respect for the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.  As for the match, this match always has some crazy spots every year and this year did not disappoint. Sami Zayn’s dive through the ladder to the outside looked insane not to mention some of the other spots that were in the match. Over all this match flowed much better than it has in the past. Everyone got a better chance to shine both with moves and character. The “Oh Shit” moments of the match; Kevin Owens frog splash onto Sami Zayn on a ladder, Ryder doing the elbro drop off the top of the ladder (calling it the elbro is just fantastic), Sin Cara getting pushed off the ladder over the top rope and coming down on Stardust and a ladder out side of the ring and the a crazy suplex Sami Zayn did to Kevin Owens on a ladder. At the end it was great to see the unexpected happen, Zack Ryder got the title and win. This match set the pace for Mania nicely.

Next up is Christ Jericho versus AJ Styles. I love the build for this match. Chris Jericho is just so damn good and being a hell, he is the best in the world at what he does. Also I am surprised that no one up until now has used Y2Jackass and I was really hoping to hear a Y2Jackass chant from 101,000 plus people but that is okay. Some parts of the match were a little off, but over all it was still a good match. The code breaker Jericho hits on Styles a little over half way through the match looked great, but the code breaker at the end was amazing! I love that Jericho made it look like he was going to pull the ref in front of him, but instead pushes him out of the way to land the vicious code breaker to counter Styles. Great finish for the match and its nice to see Jericho actually get a win at Wrestlemania.

Next up your two time World Tag Team Champions! The New Day! That was one huge box of Booty O’s and a great entrance for The New Day.  Also I think there was some confusion about gear for the League of Nations because Alberto Del Rio looks like he is suppose to be with the New Day rather than the lads. Anyway, a lot of this match was back and forth which is always fun to see. The bull hammer into the brogue kick looked brutal and a solid way for the League of Nations to use the number game to their advantage. With the lads getting the victor and then having the legends Shawn Michaels, Cactus Jack aka Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin come out, which was one of the biggest pops of the night, led to one hell of a Wrestlemania moment. If rumors are true and Wade Barrett doesn’t resign, that was only hell of a last Wrestlemania moment for him.

This next match you could look at it a couple of different ways. In retrospect it went exactly how it should. Truer words have never been spoken about a wrestler Brock Lesnar is a Beast! Both in the ring and out of the ring, the man is a one of a kind phenomenon. Yes, I did want more from the match, or well was hoping for. But in hindsight, this was exactly how this match should have gone. Ambrose’s shirt was awesome for his match, and he got to tease some fun toys we all know in this PG error would not be allowed. Brock got the win and Ambrose still has a very strong fan base that was vocal through out the match.  

First things first, the new WWE Women’s Championship is one damn good-looking title! I think it speaks volumes that WWE is moving on from the Diva’s title back to the Women’s Championship, proof that they are fully behind this diva revolution.  Anyone who complains about the new title is clearly blind, especially with what it is replacing. Now for the even better part of this show, holy hell can these tree women wrestle. Diva’s had their own oh shit moment with their dives and with Charlottes moon sault off the top rope to the floor. All three women got to shine and Ric getting in the way so that Charlotte could get the pin was great. The future is so bright for the Women’s division and I can’t wait to see it grow.

Time for goose bumps, Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. It took me a little bit to get into this match, but now that the time is here, I am just flat out excited. The promo package before this match was the best of the night. The use of music was so on point. Also for all of you that complain about Undertakers entrance, get over it. Yes it is going to be long, but it is still amazing. I was completely amazed by this match. Shane McMahon is INSANE, no one in their right mind jumps off the cell, fall off maybe, but not jump off of. It was the moment of the night that is for damn sure and will be shown over and over just like the footage for Mic Foley getting thrown off. Undertaker won the match, but we all know this isn’t the last we will see of Shane McMahon.

I seem to be becoming a bigger fan of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I’m going to say this right now, Shaq was great in this match! Typical battle royal fashion there is a lot of attacking the bigger guys and legend wrestlers making appearances. Over all it was enjoyable to watch and nice to see NXT’s Baron Corbin get the win in the end.

It wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without The Rock. I’m not sure why he needed a flamethrower or to set his name on fire, but it looked cool, so yeah why not? Rock went out to announce the attendance record for Wrestlemania and my goodness it is a lot of people, 101, 763 to be exact. My goodness that is crazy. You knew those Wyatt boys had to show up somewhere and try to ruin the fun. Poor Eric Rowan, lost to the Rock in 6 seconds. Wonder if they were trying to take that off of Daniel Bryan… Either way the segment was fun and the Rock got to have a “Match” if you want to call it that.

Main even time, Roman Reigns versus Triple H. That entrance for Triple H was great and it was great because of none other than Stephanie McMahon, from her out fit to what she was saying, all of it was spot on. Of course during Reigns entrance the boo’s started. I still don’t understand though, the man doesn’t have bad matches and he is a good wrestler. I’m not going to go off on that tangent though, that is for a different time. This match was brutal. I honestly don’t think you could ask for much more for a championship match. It was hard hitting and in your face.  The back and forth between both guys told such a good story.  Also Stephanie taking a spear was fantastic! If you didn’t think this was a good match you should just stop watching wrestling, especially if the reason you didn’t like it was because Roman Reign won. On that note Kudos to both guys for a great match.

Overall Thoughts:  I can’t believe this was almost 5 hours long, it was very easy to get caught up in the spectacle that is Wrestlemania. The crowd was hot pretty much the hole show, which always makes it a better experience. There really wasn’t a bad match on the card. Also holy fireworks batman, the pyro for Mania this year was great!  Now for them to figure out how they will top this next year.

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