Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comic Book Review: Empress #1 - Icon Comics (2016)

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Stuart Immonen

The setting is Earth, 65 million years ago and it has a much more futuristic look than you may imagine.  Queen Emporia is looking to escape Earth with her children and the help of a companion.  Emporia's husband, the king, will be none to pleased by this attempt.

Mark Millar has a knack for writing stories that seem way off the beaten path and making them enthralling.  So it's 65 million years in the past and the technology is amazing, you totally buy it.  The first issue gives you enough of a look into the lives where you see just enough of their personalities to know there are those you don't want to mess with and others that are crazy enough to know you probably should mess with them either.  I can only hope there isn't a bunch of time in between issues of this series.

As with most Mark Millar comic books, he gets some of the most talented artists to work with him.  Stuart Immonen is an incredible artist and being able to look at his artwork page after page is a true joy.

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