Sunday, May 29, 2016

Comic Book Review: Mars Attacks: Occupation #3 - IDW Publishing (2016)

"The Martian Hero"
Written by John Layman
Art by Andy Kuhn
Colors by Jason Lewis

The Martians now occupy Earth and now hold Gladiator-like contests using humans and robots.  Ruby Johnson is a champion that needs to do everything she can to continue surviving in this harsh Martian world.

Truth be told, I didn't exactly enjoy the "Mars Attacks" movie.  With that said, this comic book is an enjoyable read.  John Layman put together a story that is fun but he also included the right amount of seriousness at the appropriate times.  I also like that this was the third book and I'm able to enjoy it without the previous two issues.  Too many times, it feels like comic series start over to try to bring in new collectors.  Here's a tip: #1 rarely starts at the beginning.  If you think you might enjoy a comic book series, jump in.  You'll catch yourself up soon enough.  Plus if you like it, there are ways to read the previous stories.

Andy Kuhn does well drawing the Earth that has been conquered by the Martians.  I'm sure Kuhn had a great time drawing the otherworldly characters along with the robots and the now disfigured characters that have been transformed by their Red Planet oppressors.

I received this book in the Supply Pod subscription box.  Living in Arizona, I attend and now host panels at Phoenix ComiCon every year and the comic book I received has the exclusive cover for the 2016 con.  The cover looks great with art by John McCrea.  If you are attending Phoenix ComiCon, please come say his at one of our panels.  We even have prizes courtesy of

What are your thoughts on Mars Attacks: Occupation?  Were you a fan of the film?  What comic book conventions will you be attending in the near future?  Please comment below and be sure to follow @MaskedBlogster on Twitter.

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