Wednesday, May 25, 2016

(Review) DC Universe Rebirth Issue 1

I wasn't certain where my expectations should be for this new start on familiar titles of DC comic lore. I know that comic book shops and DC have been publicizing this issue quite heavily on social media. It has been the "talk of the town" if you will, since it was introduced. Curiousity prevailed and I found myself in a comicbook shop in San Diego purchasing this title. I'm on vacation? Not anymore. I'm pausing that so I could read this issue and write about it for everyone who follows us. So let's dive in and read about my thoughts on this first issue entitled, "DC Universe Rebirth". 

The story starts off with us discovering that a Flash is responsible for trying to solve the mystery that these new issues will be attempting to explain. Flash certainly has his work cut out for him as it's unclear whether or not he'll survive his travels or be lost in the speed force forever as he travels from hero to hero searching for someone who remembers him. He needs help trying to discover who is the time thief that appears more powerful than Darkseid.

From there we are introduced to many other characters and it's explained that someone is not tampering with the timeline but actually stealing time and feelings from all the timelines thus creating new concepts for familiar hero's and villains. This reality even altered romantic relationships and changed lovers to colleagues, left feeling an unexplainable loss. Also, it's revealed that some of what we thought we knew about certain powers aren't actually accurate and there's more at stake than previously imagined. 

Overall, I enjoyed this issue. Introducing so many characters, concepts and storylines could be considered a Herculean task and I felt this first offering did well enough to establish where DC comics is headed. Plus seeing Doctor Fate make a sudden appearance is always cool. 

I can understand the frustrations that some folks might have on starting or rebooting the comics all over again. I can also see the side of those who feel this move is nothing more than a cash grab DC might be achieving. All that considered, I enjoyed this first introductory issue. It was only $2.99 to see where the universe is headed and it's worth it. I'll still read the "New 52 Deathstroke" for as long as they print them and I might start reading some of this new Aquaman if I'm feeling adventurous. Who knows? I'm just saying I enjoyed this first issue. 

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