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Binge Watcher Review: Con Man

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Binge Watcher Review: Con Man

Director and Writer: Alan Tudyk

Staring: Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Mindy Sterling

Synopsis: Wray Nerely is a struggling actor who starred as a spaceship pilot on Spectrum, a cult classic science fiction series. He navigates the odd people and incidents he encounters along the way while learning to love the fans he has.

As a long time Firefly fan and con go-er, this series had me literally laughing out loud. We fans get a little crazy at times, so to see some of the ridiculousness take place during Con Man was absolutely fantastic. Watching Wray Nerely, played by Alan Tudyk, say all the wrong things at the wrong times was priceless. While a lot of this is comparable to Firefly and actual con’s, the intent and fun is obvious throughout the whole show.  Also getting to see a small glimpse of these con’s from the actor’s perspective and their lives was refreshing and beyond funny, even if it was a little exaggerated. Or maybe it isn’t…

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Possibly some of the funniest moments in the series have to do with the guest appearances and costars that appear through out the show. There is a special place in my heart for Nathan Fillion and the whole Firefly cast! Getting to see them come together in this puts the biggest smile on my face. My favorite character in the show, though, was Bobbie played by Mindy Sterling. She was absolutely hilarious! She seriously did an amazing job pulling this character off! She has to be the best representation of how weird some people can be and how crazy they can act around fame and the entertainment industry.  Plus, the interaction between her and Leslie Jordan along with Sean Maher might be the most intriguing and disturbing “connections” ever, thank goodness it stayed behind closed doors.  The guest stars for this show were insane! Some of the guest stars include: Henry Rollins, Felicia Day, Casper Van Dien, Tricia Helfer, Amy Acker, Liza Lapira, Sean Astin, Sean Maher, Wil Wheaton, Milo Ventimiglia, Seth Green, Summer Glau, Gina Torres and even Joss Whedon himself stops by for a moment.

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As the season goes along, we get to see Wray caught up in some of the most awkward situations.  The funniest would have to be when he thinks he is in the wrong hotel, but soon finds out there is some sort of doll convention along with the con he is attending at the same hotel. Seeing all these woman with dolls as babies mixed in with zombies and other cosplay is fantastic! The doll convention ties in so perfecting with when Wray is given his own personal action figure, especially considering how attached he gets to it. Another part of the show that made me laugh, it seems Wray is good at attracting crazy women. Louise, played by Tricia Helfer, who was apart of the doll convention where women adopt dolls as if they are actual babies starts to fall for Wray until, as Wray puts it “he kills a woman’s replacement baby.” Then there is Dawn, played by Amy Acker, who is a fellow actress of Wray’s from Spectrum that seems to be obsessed with him. Both of them had me laughing the whole time with how ridiculous they both were.

The series really is a lot of fun and very easy to watch. You can get threw the whole season in a single sitting as all of the episodes are less than 15 minutes. Kudos Alan Tudyk for writing and directing such a fun and entertaining series, I am excited to see what you do with season 2!

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