Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Comic Book Review: A-Force Assemble #1 - Marvel Comics (2016)

This is the first comic book series that I've ever picked up without knowing about the characters from TV or movies. Let me be honest, this is the first comic book I've ever bought myself with the intention of reading it. I bought Mighty Mouse years ago but I've never read it and only bought it because I felt I needed something for the trouble of going to the store with my husband. 

Apparently reading the Battleworld books would have helped to make this #1 make sense but since I didn't do that I did some quick research online and found out what happened. 

Singularity has come to earth and brought the enemy Antimatter with her. She remembers Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Medusa but they don't remember her...

As a new reader I thought the first book in a series would be a great starting place but this was not the case, it left me with more questions than answers. I was really looking forward to learning about these strong women characters but now I'm hoping the next books will enlighten me. 

I'm not an artist so I can't say if the art was out of this world, I can say that I did like the art and thought the colors were bold and vibrant. I will also say that the art helped bring the book to life and I think that's what comic books are supposed to be, larger than my imagination. Like I said previously the story left me with more questions than answers but I did like that it was easy to follow and flowed very well. I loved that it's storytelling in the simplest form. Unlike a novel where the words have to paint pictures and tell a story the words here are to tell you what's going on in the pictures. 

I look forward to seeing what the next books in this series have to offer as I'm still trying to find my way in the comic book world and refuse to take too much help from family or friends.

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