Thursday, June 2, 2016

Comic Book Review: The Holy Terror #1 - Image Comics (2002)

Written by Jason Caskey
Art by Phil Hester

Max, a professional wrestler who is having a tough time getting

Okay, so there's much more going on than just wrestling.  There is an ancient evil and it's ready to take over.  This is an extremely fun book.  Horror, wrestling and all kinds of other violence.  Jason Caskey wrote an excellent story to get The Holy Terror started.

This is a book I had to find after I was chatting with the penciller of this book, Phil Hester, at Phoenix ComiCon a couple years ago.  He had art boards from comics he had drawn in the past and I ran across a page from The Holy Terror.  I had to have it and Hester told me more about the story and I was ready to find it.  Phil Hester has an art style that is unique and I really enjoy and it definitely fits The Holy Terror.

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