Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Getting My Frugal Drink On...Part 1

When I was asked to come aboard the Maskerpiece Theatre blog I had no idea what to write about... I'm not into comic books as you can tell by my A-Force Assemble #1 review, I'm not a movie goer like Handsome J and I'm not really funny. After many hours and brainstorming sessions over a tall beer or glass of wine I decided to make it my mission to find the best bottle of wine under $10. I know this has been done before, but not by me while drinking.

I can't even bring myself to post a picture of the first contestant of this mission, Grape & Vine Wine Company's American White Zinfandel from Livermore and Ripton California. Granted I paid a whopping $3.50 at CVS for this, but I'm here to help others not make that mistake. The American White Zinfandel tasted like the wine vinegar and smelt just as bad. I have never thrown a glass of wine away until the day I tried this wine. Needless to say that this is going to be the bottom of the list and hopefully my taste buds will not be assaulted again.

Our second wine was much better...
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde (Rose Wine) imported form Protugal by Aveleda Inc in Pawtucket RI. This selection came from A.J.'s Fine Foods for $6.99 and was delightful. This bottle was crisp, refreshing and kind of reminded my of a wine spritzer as it was a little carbonated.This is the kind of wine you can drink all day by the pool on a warm summer day and into the evening. I could also see using this wine to make my own sangria.

For now my list reads...

1. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
2. Grape & Vine American

Readers if you have any suggestions that I should try please let me know! I can't get to every bottle with out a hint and I'm really trying not to leave any wine unturned.

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