Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Mighty Thor Vol 1 - Review

I haven't read many Thor comics and when I did some internet research it became apparent the run Walt Simonson did was the way to go. So let's take a look at my thoughts on the first volume of "The Mighty Thor" by Walt Simonson.

This is a thick volume that is wonderfully filled with words. Personally, I enjoy a comic or graphic novel that is filled with dialogue, assuming the dialogue is good. The dialogue in this book transports you into this special world of gods among men. Simonson balances the manner in which Thor speaks because he's partly the God of Thunder & partly human in disguise. Each character has a distinct way in which they speak making my appreciation for this book much higher than I thought it would be. Overall, the writing was superb and I enjoyed it.

Now, the art in this book was also entertaining. The characters have color schemes specific to them and the worlds have distinct color designs & unique landscapes. This comic book looks as fantastic as it reads. If the dialogue doesn't tickle your brain the art will please your eyes. I had so much fun just looking at each page and taking in all the attention to detail that was placed in each panel. I really can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the art. We travel into space, fiery depths, green beautiful land, New York City, castles, we're all over the place and it all looks stunning. 

If you decide to check this volume out make sure you're attention span is ready for a workout. There's tons of characters, crazy worlds, recognizable cities & insane action sequences and edge of your seat battles. I'm looking forward to Vol 2!

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