Sunday, July 31, 2016

Comic Book Review: Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1 - Image Comics - (2016)

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Frank Quitely
Colors by Sunny Gho

Jupiter's Legacy 2 continues to tell the tale that started in Jupiter's Legacy.  I really enjoyed the beginning of the original Jupiter's Legacy but, due to untimely releases, I ended up not continuing to read the series.  There are enough comic book series that come out monthly(or at least when the company says it's coming out).  I received this book in My Geek Box and you can read my reviews for their subscription service at

Mark Millar is a fantastic writer.  Many of his comic books get turned into movies(Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman), even though they are much different than the books.  I could see Jupiter's Legacy as a comic book that would translate well to the big screen or, an even better place, on the small screen via Netflix, HBO or some other service that would allow the amount of adult language, violence and blood.

I was glad that the inside cover of Jupiter's Legacy 2 came with a synopsis giving the reader a glimpse into what happened previously.  This is an excellent story filled with corruption and people wanting power that they feel they deserve.  It also includes heroes that would challenge this new authority and the people they reach out to for assistance surprises everyone.

Frank Quitely is a wonderful artist.  He is amazing with peoples' faces and projecting the emotion incredibly well.  Sunny Gho's colors work remarkably well and add the right amount of depth panel after panel.  Jupiter's Legacy 2 had multiple variant covers.  I received the cover by Rob Liefeld.

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