Thursday, July 21, 2016

Comic Book Review: X-Men #138 - Marvel Comics (1980)


Written by Chris Claremont
Pencils by John Byrne
Inks by Terry Austin
Colors by Glynis Wein

Cyclops mourns the loss of Jean Grey as he looks back at the life of the X-Men.

I went back in time with this comic book review.  I had picked up my X-Men: Days of Future Past graphic novel that I received from Comic Bento(review of the entire subscription box can be viewed here).  The book collects Uncanny X-Men  #138-143 and X-Men Annual #4.  I was so pleased with the first book in the series I had to do this blog for it.

It's a sad time for the X-Men as they have lost Jean Grey and we start at her funeral.  Like most funerals, a person tends to think back to the past.  We journey into the mind of Cyclops as we get a look into the early days of the X-Men.  This is what I found incredibly interesting as I thought there was going to be some mild explanation of Cyclops' power and then move forward with an X-Men tale.  What actually happens, is Cyclops goes back to the events that happened in X-Men #1 and then moves forward.  This comic book chronicles the major events of Marvel's mutant heroes from their inception all the way through what was the present day(1980) and the introduction of the newest student of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; Kitty Pryde.  Reading this book, a person could see why I make the argument that the X-Men have some of the most brilliant stories in all of comics.  It would be great if more comic books could give a rundown of their history like this, especially if the companies want to restart at #1 but then don't really start over.

Another awesome part of this book: John Byrne.  Byrne's art is beyond incredible in the world of comics and having him draw the scenes that were so iconic through the history of the X-Men was a visual treat.

There's something else that was different about this comic book.  There are so many words to it.  I feel this is really lacking in comic books today.  Each panel has extraordinary artwork and brilliant writing.  While, yes, sometimes I like a quick read, I also truly enjoy getting lost in the wonderment of excellent writing and really feeling what has been written.  Perhaps those books are still being written; I just don't know where they are.

What are your thoughts on X-Men?  Do you enjoy the more wordy and sometimes philosophical comic books?  What are some of your favorite books that you like to go back and read.  Please comment below or find us on social media.

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