Sunday, July 10, 2016

Robert Frost's Poems - Book Review

A collection of over 100 poems by acclaimed poet Robert Frost, this book was more than I could've imagined. When I first picked this up for $3 at a book store that sells used books I figured it would be a quick look at Frost's poems. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

The introduction is completed by poet, critic and Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, Louis Untermeyer. His perspective on Robert Frost was just as enjoyable as the poems themselves for me. It should be stated that I, myself, was not familiar with much of the poems contained within this book. So having some back story and additional commentary I found particularly beneficial. Untermeyer explains in simple language some of the more complex topics and perspective given by Frost in each of his poems. The poem could be four lines or multiple pages and we still are treated to the insightful and often humorous life views of Frost with an added level of insight from Untermeyer. 

If you're looking for a collection of poetry that will give you pause to think, this is a great book. If you're curious about poetry and want to find a book that can help usher you into the world, this is your book. If you just want poems that will make you smile and laugh, this is a book for you. If you're able to find this book at a book store for $3-$5 it will be the most value for your money that could be possibly found. I definitely recommend adding this book to your library, whatever the size.

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