Thursday, September 8, 2016

Friday Night Game Pick: Flick’em Up

Throwing a party and looking for a way to entertain your guests? Tired of playing Cards Against Humanity and looking for another crowd-pleaser? Well look no further! I’ve compiled some amazing games that will cater to veteran gamers as well as those party goers just looking to have some fun, with my Friday Night Game Pick of Flick’em Up

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Flick’em up is recognized as a “Dexterity” game. Which means you’ll be exercising your fingers while flicking bullets across the table at your foe’s. You’ll divide players into two teams, The Lawmen or The Cowboys and then you'll have a show down in the town square. You can run into buildings and shoot players from cover or toss out some dynamite and blow your enemies to smithereens. Bottom line Flick’em up’s simple mechanics and thematic game play entice any onlooker into joining the fun.

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Making this game one of the best crowd pleasers I’ve ever seen as no party-goer gets left out. Rounds can accommodate up to ten players and they only take about 30 minutes to play. So if you have a particularly large party, players can always switch out each round. However this game tends to collect many spectators just rooting for their favorite team from the sidelines.

Number of Players: 2 -10, This game plays well with any size crowd.

Age: 7+,  Flick’em Up is for any age but players need to be able to reach across the table and not put small pieces in their mouths.

Time to play: 30 Min,  Each game gives you just the right amount of time to play, leaving you anxious for your next rematch. Also the game comes with a scenario booklet so you can follow along with the story and change the buildings around;  keeping this game fun and interesting as you progress through story and get access to more weapons like the shot gun.

My Personal Fun Score: 5 out of 5 Meeples and is a must play for any party.

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