Saturday, April 22, 2017

Comic Book Review: Spider-Man: BLUE #s 1-5 - Marvel Comics

Written by Jeph Loeb
Art by Tim Sale

Spider-Man: BLUE is a retelling of a younger Peter Parker and his first love, Gwen Stacy.  It's also a the tale of how Peter first met Mary Jane Watson.  The life of Peter Parker has always been pretty complicated with him juggling life as a photographer and being a student and of course; being Spider-Man.  If that doesn't complicate things enough, now throw in a pretty girl.  Scratch that, make that two pretty girls.  Did I mention Spider-Man always seems to have a villain show up at the most inopportune times?

This review has some spoilers in it.  It's not exactly a new series though, so read it anyway.  Maybe it will entice you to pick up the trade paperback.

I absolutely love the way this story is told.  This is actually a
recollection of Peter's life, as told by himself on a tape recorder.  Peter is telling the story to Gwen Stacy, his first love, who would ultimately meet her demise.  I thought that this book was going to be the story of Gwen Stacy meeting her death but it was actually about Peter thinking back to his younger years and hanging out with his friends Harry Osborne, Flash Thompson and the afformentioned Gwen Stacy.  He also recollects his many foes he had to face in a short period of time.  Peter also remembers that time he hit the jackpot; meeting Mary Jane Watson.

For those of you who may not know about the Betty and Veronica type of struggle that Peter Parker had, two beautiful women seemed to have a thing for him.  This collection of comic books tells the story amazingly well.  Jeph Loeb does a wonderful job in mixing dialogue between characters along with Peter speaking to Gwen via tape recorder. Toward the end of the series, Mary Jane walks in on Peter talking to the tape recorder.  What she says is enough to bring a tear to the eye.  Hats off to the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale for creating such a memorable page.

Tim Sale was such an extraordinary choice to be the artist for Spider-Man: BLUE.  He has a style that captures what Spider-Man is all about.  He also is tasked with drawing so many of ol' Web-Head's foes as Kraven the Hunter has gathered some of Spidey's biggest baddies to bring down the wall-crawler.  This series includes Green Goblin, Rhino, The Lizard, Vulture, Scorpion and more!  This must have been a fun project.  Spider-Man has some of the greatest villains in all of comics.  He is one of the greatest heroes of all time and is the face of Marvel in my opinion.

I received the trade paperback in the Comic Bento subscription box and you can read my full review for the box here.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man: BLUE?  Who is your favorite Spider-Man Villain?  Post a comment below or find us on social media, we enjoy interacting with all of our fellow True-Believers!

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