Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Night Out With Kevin Smith (Q&A Show) - Review

Kevin Smith @ The Rialto Theater, Tucson, Arizona
I’m sitting in the crowded two-floor Rialto theater in Tucson, Arizona. It’s hot and muggy from the people crammed into the theater. I am four rows back and It smells like sweat and desperation. These are my people.

We’re waiting for our lemming leader, Kevin Smith to come out and spew forth stories of his life in acting, directing and general existing in the entertainment world. And I wonder if after being at four of his events prior to today, there will be overlap in the stories he tells as he appears on stage. He is smaller than I remember, nearly half the size he was when I first saw him in Red Bank, New Jersey; but he is dressed the same. He is consistently dressed in “jorts” as he references in his opening speech and a hockey jersey of some sort, all with the number 37 on them.

For those that are unfamiliar with Kevin Smith and what his events are like, generally they are a question and answer forum in which a few (likely only 2-4) people from the audience ask him a question. At which point Smith will begin babbling about some story relating or not relating in his life that can last for 15 minutes to 2 hours.  This event is no different and his first story discusses Jason Mewes obsession with the CW and how he came to work on The Flash and Supergirl. (Side note: these shows are awesome and you should all be watching them.)

He discusses his fanboy attitude towards the show and childlike wonder for the magic that is created behind the scenes and how the zoop becomes a thing in the show. The “zoop” is of course, relating each respective character appearing or disappearing from screen using their super powers (Flash’s running, Supergirl’s flying.)

Each story seems to meld into-one another. And while the questions can vary from the audience, we are a specific breed of nerd and thus quite possibly predictable (insert sex jokes and Star Wars references.) And without warning, Smith launches into what I dub as Grandpa Smith, dispelling his knowledge, empowering and imploring us to create. Anything. To write, to sing, to act, to tell our story, insisting that each of us is unique. And then feverishly he notes that anyone can create a podcast and how in the beginning we will draw from those who inspire us before eventually finding our own voice. And it costs us nothing to create.

Kevin Smith @ The Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona
Smith insists on the need for one to create and cultivate ourselves.  I am unexpectedly inspired. I’ll be honest, Smith had never really created that feeling for me before. Sometimes disgust, sometimes admiration, even a little jealousy for his lifestyle, but never inspired. I’m in it for the charming abrasive personality and the good looks and of course he makes movies I can get into.  (Yes, Yes I do have a crush on Kevin Smith… fight me?) (Side note: Please do not fight me, I am weak, I will not win.)

For as much as Kevin talks about rolling onto stage and spewing forth his words, I suspect that there is more planning to the execution then he leads on because the stories and ties flow effortlessly together and we are all laughing every three to four seconds with his expressions and punchline deliveries. Even more so is his ability to uplift his fans and ask for greatness from them. He is brilliant, hilarious, deep but also shallow and unabashed in his nerd-tendencies and this night was awesome.

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