Sunday, November 15, 2015

Comic Book Review: Drax #1 - Marvel Comics (2015)

Written by CM Punk & Cullen Bunn
Art by Scott Hepburn & Matt Milla

With the rest of the All New, All Different Guardians of the Galaxy going their separate ways after a successful battle, Drax needs to find something to do.  Well if you're Drax, I guess that means it's time to go kill Thanos.  

"Drax" #1 is a good, lighthearted start to a space adventure.  Drax borrows a beat up spaceship from Rocket, attempts to get into fights in space and also has a realization that he doesn't even know where Thanos is.  Good thing he crash lands on some planet, he could've been flying around aimlessly for quite a while.  Drax isn't the wordy type of hero so expect to see more onomatopoeia as he destroys or tries to keep his ship flying.  

I'm interested to see where this book heads in terms of story line.  Is this something that Marvel may look at in a long haul sort of way or will we get a half dozen issues before they cancel it?  Either way, it's a fun book.  Cullen Bunn is great at making violence fun. It's very cool to see comic book writing newcomer CM Punk be able to co-write with him.  CM Punk, of course, is known for being a former professional wrestler and now moving on to be part of the UFC(busy guy!).  

Scott Hepburn is an excellent choice for artist when it comes to Drax.  It's a fun book and he has an even more fun style of drawing.  

"Drax" #1 is available in stores now.

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