Saturday, November 28, 2015

Drawn Out: Introduction to the New Artwork Blogs

A question was posed by Handsome J. on the Maskerpiece Theatre Fan Page on Facebook about what everyone would like to see from our blogs.  We were met with some great suggestions including more artwork.  As a group we should have figured that to be the case as the original comic book, "Twisted Magic," is one of our most popular postings.  

With all this being typed, I plan to post more of my drawings on here. 

I had never drawn Chewbacca(at least to memory I hadn't), and a really good friend commissioned me to draw the Wookie for her Star Wars loving sister.  I decided to do a practice run digitally using my Wacom tablet and Manga Studio 5 software. This was my first attempt.  Chewie has become much improved the works that followed this one.  They were not done digitally and have yet to be scanned.  

I was doing a lot of drawing for a series I am working on but at the end of the day I wanted to draw something fun.  Rancid is my favorite band and I wanted to draw someone enjoying the music.  The skulls were added because the lead singer Tim Armstrong  includes skulls in much of his amazing artwork.  This picture and the next one were also drawn with a Wacom tablet and using Manga Studio 5 as the software.

Kevin Moyers and I are working on a comic book series called Blasto the Clown.  We have a post of the first book here in the Maskerpiece Theatre blogs and also on YouTube, complete with voices and sound effects.  I sketched this one before work one day.  There is a bit of a tease of a future character sneaking his tentacle over the bathroom stall. 

You can read more of my blogs here on Maskerpiece Theatre and also on

Please let us know your thoughts and or artwork suggestions in the comments below.

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