Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Supergirl Review: Season 1 Episode 3 "Fight of Flight"

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 3
“Fight or Flight”

Supergirl’s powers are tested when Reactron, one of Superman’s formidable enemies, arrives in National City and targets the young hero. Also, Cat plans to run an exposé on Supergirl.

So Episode 3 starts where 2 left off with the supergirl’s interview with Cat Grant. The interview reveals that Supergirl is cousins with Superman….Now everyone knows. We also learn that unlike The Flash and Arrow, a mask isn’t needed to hide your identity, only glasses.

In this episode we are introduce to Supergirls new hide out and we also know that James (Don’t Call him Jimmy) Olsen is horrible at keeping secrets and let it slip that Clark Kent is Superman…… (No Secret Identity is safe right Greg Berlanti). It also seems Jimmy is no Cisco, as he sucks at giving out nicknames according to Kara.

This episodes villain is Reactron a human with an outfit that allows him powers similar to that of Supergirl. He is also a villain that Superman was unable to beat. The first interaction with Supergirl ends with Kara needing to be saved by her cousin. After her fight with James for calling Superman, Supergirl finally defeats Reactron something that Superman never did. This allows Supergirl to finally feel like she is her own hero.

Final Thoughts, each episode in the early part of this season seems to be focus on developing the character of Supergirl and Kara and less about a season long story line. This may change, however with the show being on CBS I am unsure how much this approach will change. I am also wondering how much the show its self is trying to distance themselves from Superman. The name dropping in each episode seems to increase, every scene in tonights show seemed to use his name and we also got another blurred siting from the Man of Steel. I did like the interaction between Kara and Clark at the end of the episode, it was a nice touch and somewhat needed, and for some reason reminded me of the Dean Cain Superman. The show also has enhance the love triangle between Jimmy, Wynn, and Kara. I guess every show needs this but I am not so sure how much i need another stupid nickname to go along with olicity and Snowbarry. if that wasn’t enough, it seems we need another addition to the already crowded cast of character and were introduce at the end of the episode to Lois Lanes baby sister and previous love interest of Jimmy, Lucy Lane….. I have been saying all along “why haven’t we tied Lois Lane into the show” now we finally have it.

So what at first seems like an impossible chance now has increase to a probability that at some point this season or the next we will finally be introduce to at the very least Clark Kent and/or Lois Lane. If they do introduce Clark Kent my pick of actors is Matt Bomer, and yes that has everything to do with my love of White Collar.

Every episode i hope for more, but I am always left wanting. Im definitely not saying this is a bad show. I enjoy it and its much better than Agents of Shield and a step ahead of Gotham. But it can be much more than it has been, I am also not enjoying that Kara keeps coming off as whinny and jealous. Lastly can we try to avoid any more Cyndi Lauper Songs….Thanks

I give this Episode One Thumbs Up. What was your opinion of Episode 3? Leave your comments below.


  1. The Clark Kent interaction sold it for me in this episode. That was the most human interaction I have seen from Superman in TV/movies and it was just through an instant messenger.

  2. What interaction? There was none. That was just some lame texting. It was Kara interacting with a computer. Lame.

  3. FFrd past the BS Olsen scenes and the show is 15 mins long. This show fell on its face coming out of the gate, with no one to blame but themselves. Major disapointment. Is fixable, but I doubt they will. Olsen needs to die.

    1. The show has gotten off to a slow start. I feel like the use of Olsen to tie Superman into the show has been overdone. However if it was Olsen it would be someone else, so I wouldn't say Olsen needs to go as much as they just need to change the way he is being played.

  4. The episodes are not getting better. Is that the writing, is it the character or is it the fact the show is on CBS and doesn't have enough freedom? The choice to run with Supergirl might have been a bad one as there is to much tie in with Superman and the movies

  5. kara is way to whiny and jealous
    Matt Bomer was the voice of Superman in an animated cartoon so that would be cool
    Having Dean Cain and Helen Slater show up as the people who took care of Kara when she first arrived on Earth,,,waaaaaaaay lame
    The reason why Flash an Arrow work,,,it has a dark side to it,,,;like a black comedy,,,,this show needs more darkness
    Kara needs to be more serious,,,,even the Justice League cartoons has supergirl more bad ass
    I am just not buying her character

  6. plus,,,wtf,,what interaction
    she was passing out and Spuerman showed up
    and if superman must show,,,,Tom Welling

  7. I love this show....it might be cause Kara looks like Felicity with those Glasses on....So damn Hot

  8. I love the idea of Matt Bomer as long as he play's the character like we saw from his appearance from Chuck. Who doesn't like Bryce Larkin?